Building personal website in 20 mins on personal domain using github pages

March 23, 2021 - 2 minute read -

I have been thinking since a while to start a new portfolio. My last portfolio looked like this at the end of its journey:

image __________________________________________________________________________________

It was also built using Jekyll, but was very lengthy to update because of some customization I did in it. After some procrastination, I decided to use a minimal Jekyll theme to reinvent my site.

Some requisites which I already had in mind:

  1. Get my own domain.
  2. Setup an email on my domain.
  3. New site should be hosted via github pages.
  4. Github provided URL should point to my domain.

This all took me 20 minutes in total, thanks to Jekyll theme (open_source == love) and at the end, I did also write my first blog post :)

Getting my own domain

I used to get a domain name ( in my case). Honestly, it was quite straightforward process to get domain name. Lucky for me, I got it for a very good discount (7 euros first year and then 9 euros/yr for the next years).

Setting up email on my domain

Again, this was taken care of by There is a very nice documentation on how to add DNS records. For email sending, you need to add a SMTP record.

If needed you can also check their doc on adding up an email client which was very useful to me.

Host site on github pages

This could be read from my first blog post

Point Github to your domain

You need to use CNAME file to point your github page to your domain name.

All 4 done, push the changes to your github repository and you can go to your domain name URL to verify if the updates are well in place !

Voila ! You have your blog + portfolio in 20 minutes ! Congrats !